China trademark search

TM search: More things you need to know

As you plan to apply one trademark in China and develop your business here, you may need do China trademark search and market investigation firstly. After the searching and investigation, you can start your business plan right now.

When you visit google and type China trademark search, usually there are many of sites with china trademark search box like below.

Generic selectors
Exact matches only
Search in title
Search in content
Search in posts
Search in pages

google results

But these sites are not official site and the database is not correct which will mislead your search. What you need to do is find the offical China trademark office website for your searching.

China trademark official office

Please click here for official trademark searching website. I have also switched to English version (You need open it with IE explore or Firefox explore). Now you can begin your searching online in English. It is also free china trademark search tool.

china trademark office site

China trademark search steps

As you can see above picture, you just click SISTM (search for identical or similar TMs). The screen will turn to below.

official trademark website search

International Classification means what Niche class you plan to reigster your trademark, it is one must input information.

Search mode means you can search your trademark in different ways.

  • Chinese character: If your mark is in Chinese language, you can choose this way;
  • Chinese pinyin: If your mark is in Pinyin, Such as Xiaomi, Huawei, you just click this way;
  • English: Most of overseas company reigster their trademark in English, so you must search your mark in this format if plan to register English name;
  • Numeral: If your mark consists of numbers, you need choose this way to search similar mark or phrases;
  • Acronym: If your mark is in shortage of some words or phrase, you need choose this way;
  • Graph: If your mark is designed originate from one kind of product or animal in the world, you need use this way to compare the similar graph.

Trademark content means your mark name, usually it is in words or phrases. Now we take one example to show you how to use this tool.

Just take Apple for example. Input apple in Niche class 9. We can see below.

search with classification
apple trademark search result

There are totally 1545 results you can see. It is just sreenshot the first page. Most of them are registered by Apple company (China and USA), but the lines in red color are not registered by Apple. I am sure they are objected by the trademark office (CNIPA), let’s just click number 5 line.

trademark details for searching

You can see the application number, date of application and name of application and international classification.

When you click the trademark procedure, you can see below information as screenshot. It means that it is one objected registration. And it is the finally decision.

search result

This is the automatic searching we shared with you, we also need do selective searching as screenshot below.

selective search for trademark you need

There is one additional search type with more database for your choosing. If you select different types, the search result will be not same.

We usually do search with combined ways mentioned above for detailed information. This is why we sugget you use official trademark search website for deep searching. Here I will not take example for this type of searching.

After your deep searching following above steps, if you find some mark has already registered in trademark office database, you need find another mark to apply. Registered trademarks owner will file opposition if you try to apply same or similar mark as theirs.

Search for TM status with application number

After your final search and submited the trademark registration, you can search for the status, such as pulication, opposition with the registration number.

search status with application number

You can clearly know what step your application is in process. If there is one objection, the website will update the information.

Trademark search WIPO, SAIC, SIPO, CMTO and CNIPA

WIPO mean the world intellectual property organization. It is one international organization, it does not offer China trademark search. SAIC is in short of Sates Asociation of ……….