How to sell to China: 8 ways you need to know

How can easily sell products to Chinese consumers? China is the world’s largest economy and at the same time, the world’s fastest growing consumer market. The opportunities are enormous – but the job of selling to the Chinese is complex, both culturally and logistically. Here are a few points for new comers to the market.

how to sell to Chinese customers
  1. Step 1: Register trademark in China for your products
  2. Step 2: Attend exhibition in China to find distributors
  3. Step 3: Google search your potential distributors
  4. Step 4: Sell your products on platforms such as Amazon, Ebay
  5. Step 5: Sell on China e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD, taobao
  6. Step 6: Open sub office in China
  7. Step 7: Sell your products in Duty Free stores in China
  8. Step 8: Work with your friends who work in China

Register trademark in China

Before you selling your product into China, the first job you need to do is register a trademark in China. More and more Chinese consummers prefer to buy products with brand, even if they have to pay more money. So one Chinese brand same as your local market brand is perfect solution. China is one first to file country, which means you apply your trademark, then nobody can apply your trademark again, in this way, your brand is strongly protected without any troubles in future.

Attend exhibition in China

Once your trademark is registered in success, you can develop your business now. The exhibition is good way to introduce your products in market in China. There are many exhibitions every year in China. You can search online and submit to attend the exhibition. Mostly, lots of visitors go to exhibition to find excellent brand products, they want to distribute or sell your brand products in China. After deep talk with them, you may find good quality distributors in same industry with good sales chanels. They can help you busienss to develop in China.

The advantage of exhibition is that, you can talk face to face with your potential dealers. Products testing, samples sold to them for market testing are efficient at the start of business. You can understand the consummers’ interesting and what they need indeed. The disadvantages is that, you need spend part of money for exhibition, your tickets to China, hotels exhibition desk fees and other services fees.

Search your distributors on google

Internet is also one good platform for you, you can google same industry wholesellers or distributors online in China. Send email to them and let them order your sample product to start business in China. If they satisfied with your product, you two can sign contract and start cooperation.

The advantages is that it is cheap way to help you save money. But you can not meet with the distributors, you can not easily judge how about this guy on internet, and most of distributors may do not have any website in google. You definitely miss many good quality distributors which have potetional market space.

Sell on American E-commerce Amazon and Ebay

Sell your products on e-commerce store, such as, These platforms usually ship products to China. You just consult with your local platform office and open one store to sell online. Chinese consummers will visit them and place order on it, the price is aslo accepted by them.

The advantage of opening store on these platform is that, you can soon open your market to Chinsese consummers. If the product is popular and loved by consummers, it will bring you lots of sales in short time.
The disadvantage is that, you need do tax apply every month for each store. You need apply your income and net income exactlly. We know the online store now is treated as fisical store in most cities. So it is one huge and complex job for you, addtional fees will be happen as part of your business running cost. Another thing is for handling your orders for these stores, you need ship orders as soon as possible once your buyer finish the payment. All of them will have you spend more to support your daily running.

Sell on China E-commerce website

Selling your products on e-commerce platforms in China, such as,, Taobao has nearly 500 million registered users, and the total number of online products on the platform has exceeded 1 billion. It is very good opportunity for your products sales. Most of young people prefer to buy products on taobao. Tmall is the representative of China’s e-commerce platform B2C. It integrates tens of thousands of merchants and brands around the world to ensure the quality of online shopping products, which is one of Tmall’s advantages.

Jingdong is also one famous platform in China. It sell products with others’ brands and ship orders with its own ‘s logistics, it have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. We must know that in China, only Tmall and Jingdong have accounted for more than 70% of the entire B2C e-commerce market. They are all Chinease local platform, so you only can open store here with the help of your distributor in China.

They have legal company certification, tax id. You just need authorize them to open store with your own brand in China. You can have a contract with your distributor, detailed with how to work, how to share the income and more spcifice details. It is not easy job, basing you have done success in China market, with the trustworthy for each other.

Open sub office in China

For doing business in China, you can open sub office located in China. It is usually one complex work, you need do reaserch for long time, where you place your office located, how much you can afford. This way is better for big companyies to develop their business. If you just start business, we do not suggest this way.

Sell on Free duty stores in China

Now there are lots of duty free stores in cities in China, for example in Hongkong, Xiamen, Shanghai cities. Many brands overseas enter into China market by selling products in Free duty stores. The China government encourage brands from overseas to develop business in China, so the free duty stores are warmly welcomed. If you plan to enter into Free duty stores, you can contact them directly for details. We know many many brands selling products in these stores.

Work with your friends in China

If you have friends who work in China, you can ask help from him or her, s/he try to find some same product selling channals. Just ship examples to these stores and keep eyes on testing. If your products are welcomed by consummers, that means you can spend more tme and engergy to develop market in China. It largely save your money for advertising online. In next step. you need find legal ways to sell products to Chinese consummers.

With points mentioned above, you may have some ideas about how to sell your products to China already. Spend some time to do reaserch in market in details, your competitors, exsiting products market holder rate, your budget for market development. Just try and do it.

What products are in high demand in China

As China Daily reported on November 15, 2019, sales revenue on Amazon Global Store, its cross-border shopping platform, achieved double-digit growth in the first three quarters of 2019, with clothing, personal care products, cosmetics and shoes favored by Chinese shoppers, said Li Yanchuan, vice-president of Amazon China.

So if you are planning to sell to China, these products may be your reasonable ideas in mind. It will be helpful for your decision making.