Best cashmere scarf brand

As an international trademark office, we meet many different kinds of industries, here we will share some cashmere scarf brand, which are high quality products in market now.

Louis Vuitton (LV) cashmere scarf

LV is famous brand for many years, it has womens bags, mens bags, as well as cashmere scarf. Its customers are rich people in the world, many local stores you can find all over the world.


  • Famous brand in market, good reputation for long times.
  • Very nice services, you can ask help for services after you bought one product.
  • Best gift idea for lovers, girl friends.


  • Very expensive, few people can afford it
  • If it is broken, people will feel they lost more money on it

Dr.Muxue cashmere scarf

Dr.Muxue cashmere scarf is one new brand from China, it is made of 100% cashmere. Many customers start to choose this brand scarf. They sell it online store, they accept paypal and credit card payment.


  • Cheap price than other famouse brand
  • 100% cashmere made of
  • Online store makes it easy to purchase
  • Best gift idea for lovers, girl friends and families


  • Long time to get it from China
  • Only online serivces provided
  • Return and change is difficult

OVCIO cashmere scarf

OVCIO is also one online store cashmere scarf brand, it has been in market for 4 years. They sell scarves only online market in USA.


  • Better price in market
  • Fast shippment for USA buyers
  • Cashmere made of it


  • Long time to get it for other countries buyers
  • Only available online store
  • Tax are a must work if buy from them

These are three kinds of cashmere scarf we mentioned today, they are all good scarves in market. All are made of cashmere, if you have more money, you can buy the first one, if you want to save money, the others brands are also good choice.

We will update all information later, hope this article is helpful for you all.