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Trademark registration

Trademark Registration in China is always overlooked and sometimes ingnored by foreigners. In fact it should be taken seriously by investors if plan to develop business locally. Brand protection is a region specific protection and different countries have different requirements for trademark registration. Zuoxing provides professional Chinese trademark application and registration services and handle various issues for our clients during the total process. If you need more information please feel free to contact with us.

Trademark services

Patent application

We deeply know the importance of the strengths of a patent and the innovations level they are putting forward into the market. As you know the market is super big in China. Patent registration in China will become more and more important for your business. With our professional help, our customers can easily develop market place in China without any troubles when their new products and innovotions plan to launch in China market. If you need more information please feel free to contact with us.

Patent services

  • Patent registration
  • Utility Model registration
  • Utility Model monitoring
  • Design registration
  • Design monitoring
  • Design renewal

Copyright registration

Following the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, any work of a foreigner or foreign company published within the territory of China shall enjoy the copyright in China. But if any work of a foreigner which is published outside China, it should be registered in China. Or if the creator located in country which has an agreement with China under an international treaty, the work will be protected automatically in China. If you need file your copyright registration please feel free to contact with us.

Copyright services

Trademark Patent Lawyers

MR. Liupeng

engineer in mechanic, patent lawyer be familar with chemistry analysis

Bacholor’s degree, major in Mechanic Engineering, graduated from Liaoning Project Techonology Unviersity

  • Zuoxing IP agent lawyer
  • Expert at patent application

MR. Qu Leilei

professional patent lawyer with many years experiences in medical industry

Master’s degree, major in intellectual property, graduated from China University of Political Science and Law

  • With experience in Xiuzheng Medicine Co., LTD
  • Expert at medical industry

Ms. Ma Xiaohong

Master’s degree, major in polymer, graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University

  • Zuoxing IP agent lawyer
  • With experience in Hangao Group in Germany company.
  • Expert at chemistry industry

MR. Wang Zhanyu

patent analysis writing focus on chemistry industry

Bacholor’s degree, major in polymer and science, graduated from Zhengzhou Unviersity

  • Zuoxing IP agent lawyer
  • Expert at chemistry patent analysis

MRS. Zhu Haiqun

patent lawyer focus on medical industry in zuoxing IP office

Bacholor’s degree, major in Pharmaceutical Engineering, graduated from Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine

  • With experience in Kangmei Medicine Co., LTD
  • Expert at medical industry

MR. LI Xiping

company law tax lawyer

Bacholor’s degree, major in Law, graduated from Peking University

  • Zuoxing IP agent founder
  • Expert at company law, tax, labour contract

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